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Active Chorkesar Light LLC is one of the most successful poultry farms in Uzbekistan.

It is included in the top 10 poultry farms in Namangan region and the largest meat production in Namangan Province is one of the poultry factories. Today more than 100 workers are working at the factory.


Active Chorkesar Light LLC has the necessary technological and engineering infrastructure to produce products that meet ISO 9001 standards, while the only production units are complex, the incubation egg for the production and processing of broiler meat from the mother chickens from our Dutch country. The incubator now has 500,000 eggs per month and is provided with modern software and 24-hour biological control. At the Inquisition Shop, chicks are delivered and delivered to us and to other factories.

Our products

The company operates with breeds of chickens breeders ROSS-308 and Cobb 500 FF and aims to further expand their activities. These grains can be quickly tested in 4-5 days, giving high performance.

Care should be taken to calculate the live weight from 7 days, taking into account the nutritional and water standards. When the chicks are grown fast, heat and nutritious food are required. Starting from day 21, chickens begin to grow and obese. Every year, the production of poultry meat is 300 tons.

Broiler Chicken

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Our products

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Soft chicken meat is dietetic, useful and cheap, as the ordinary people do. Currently, the whole chicken is grill-cooked. Cooked grilles can be used in any delicacy and comfort of guests. We can not imagine wedding and banquette at the moment with chicken meat.

The potential of the network

The current capacity of the network is 20 tons of chicken per month. Competitive Enterprises: Kokumboy breeding birds, bird poultry and Bird poultry. These factories are located at a distance of at least 75 km from our factory, and the markets around it are almost entirely owned by our factory. This is evidenced by the introduction of the international system ISO 9001 in our region.

Network's role in the national economy

Meat, milk, flour, sugar and fat are the most important foods for human organisms. Poultry meat has become a favorite food for every family over the next five years. There are many different foods and salads available. Therefore, the demand for chicken meat is now very high and important.